About Our Agency

Julie Ward-Abdo

Senior Health Plan Finder was created in 2010 by Julie Ward-Abdo, a health insurance specialist, after she identified a severe gap in the availability of dedicated experts to assist those enrolling in, or changing their Medicare plans. Health insurance as a whole can be confusing to any patient, but the Medicare sphere can be a particular challenge. Rife with constantly changing rules and regulations, private carriers that frequently modify their offerings, choosing the wrong plan for one’s needs can be catastrophic to health and finances if a serious health event occurs.

Julie has been very successful in mitigating many of these factors for seniors and disabled adults through a combination of her work with non-profit organizations and continuing education programs. She expertly assists any interested clients and caregivers with signing up for Medicare and choosing the right plan to meet medical and financial needs.

Prior to her tenure in the insurance industry, Julie spent over two decades as an executive in the fashion world. As the Senior Vice President of Ellen Tracy she spearheaded a casual sportswear rebranding effort that resulted in a $52 million increase in sales. Her experience in the boardroom has been invaluable in providing her with the skills and know-how to cut through bureaucratic red tape and champion the best interests of every client she services.